October 17, 2016

Focused Faith Heals Academy

“Focused Faith… is Hearing, Seeing, Saying, Doing, Praying, Receiving and Teaching the Goodness of God! When Your Body and Soul Come Into Alignment With Your Spirit Your Healing is Received.” – Dr. Bishop

Focused Faith Heals Academy  

You have a SPIRIT

You have a SOUL

You have a BODY


Are they connected?

Are they maximizing at their full God given potential?

Are they as healthy as they could be?

Which one is in control of your life?

Every time you THINK you choose a faith-focused direction or a fear-focused direction. Your thoughts and beliefs cause a structural change in your soul and body. What you choose to think about and believe impacts your spirit, soul, and body either toward death, destruction, and dis-ease, or life, abundance, health, and ease.

Focused Faith Heals Academy will show you how you can:

  • Connect your spirit, soul, and body to the mind and heart of God, in a rhythm that favors life.
  • Maximize your full God given potential by learning how to train the brain how to focus.
  • Learn your true identity as a human and who you are in Christ.
  • Learn how to access the spiritual energy of faith contained in the heart and mind of God.
  • Learn how to receive, activate and direct the flow of God’s faith through your spirit, soul, and body.
  • Learn how to direct your spirit to regulate your body and soul.
  • Learn how to submit to the mind of God in order to receive His blessings.
  • Learn what it takes to receive from God your inherited blessings: health, prosperity, love and a long life to enjoy them all.

This exciting and refreshing course has a proven track record of success in accomplishing its stated goals.


We strongly encourage you to join our waiting list to be notified when registration opens so that you don’t miss out on what is always a very brief enrollment period.


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