August 26, 2016



Focused Faith Heals- Cowboy Junction Church – Vanita, OK. 

Dr. Mark Paul Bishop

The Origin of Disease

      The Origin of Disease - Dr. Mark Paul Bishop

Focused Faith Heals – Maranatha Church -Tulsa, OK

Dr. Mark Paul Bishop


Establish a belief that doubt, unforgiveness, and unbelief STOPS  the flow of faith to heal you

      Doubt, Fear and Unbelief Kills - Dr. Bishop


Establish a belief that God’s Word carries the spiritual energy of faith which has the potential to heal you

      The Healing Power of God's Word - Lesson 6 - Dr. Bishop


Establish a biblical belief that you can receive all the blessings that God has provided for you.

      The Healing Power of Biblical Belief - Lesson 7 - Dr. Bishop


Establish the belief that all things are possible with God

      The Healing Power of Hope - Lesson 8 - Dr. Bishop


Focused Faith Heals –   Grace Church Tulsa

Mark Paul Bishop, M.D


Dr. Mark’s Personal Transformation from Atheist to Christian Physician

      Part 1 - 07/20/2016 - Dr. Mark Paul Bishop


Dr. Mark studies the bible to build up his own faith

      Part 2- 07/27/2016 - Dr. Mark Paul Bishop


Faith is a spiritual form of energy contained in God’s Word

      Part 3 - 08/03/2016 - Dr. Bishop


What causes spontaneous remission of disease – a return to health?

      Part 4 - 08/10/2016 - Dr. Mark Paul Bishop


How to use God’s mighty weapons ( II Corinthians 10:4) against disease?

      Part 5 - 08/17/2016 - Dr. Bishop